Puppy Selection Process‚Äč

After you have done your research on the breed that is right for you, and all of the work that is involved in raising a puppy and you are ready to make that lifetime commitment, we ask that you first contact us to speak about availability and upcoming litters and wait time. We do not sell puppies on a trial basis, only to forever homes. 


Once we have a litter born, we will accept a $500 deposit (please note that these deposits are non refundable but are transferable to future litters) deposits can be sent via e-transfer.  Your order of selection will be based on the order of the deposits received.  We cannot guarantee litter colour or sex of the puppies that will be born. 

Previous deposit holders (families who have passed 1-2 times on previous litters) will be contacted at this time and offered first selections of the litter (in order of deposits received) before we start to take more deposits. We try to avoid having a long list, so please only submit a deposit if the timing of a litter is right for you. We try our best to give families an idea of what colour is expected from an anticipated litter.

We will keep deposit holders in order of deposit received. If a family needs to 'pass' on a litter, then we will do our best to inform the family of the selection order that they will have for our next available litter. We only allow families to 'pass' on a litter 2 times and keep their priority spot. After the second time passing on a litter we will then ask that the family contact us when the timing is right for them and we will get them back onto a list. 

Please note: We always reserve the right to have 1st selection of any litter that is born. We also reserve the right to refuse any sale of any puppy that we deem necessary.

Week 1-5
Once a litter is born we will be updating our website to announce the litter, and will be doing group photos for weeks 1 and again at week 3-4.  No puppies will be chosen at this time.  We understand that you will be very excited, but we have decided to wait until around 6 weeks old to start the puppy selection process so we have a better idea of colour, temperament and coat type for each puppy. We will upload any update photos onto our website.  Families will not be contacted at this time.  We appreciate your patience! 

 Around 6 Weeks Old
We will contact families and be sending individual photos and videos of the available puppies at this time as well as the
 pricing of each puppy.  Families will be contacted in order of the deposit list.  They may choose from our current litter or pass to the next litter.  We ask families to choose within 24 hours.  Half of the total purchase price of the puppy is required once you have selected your puppy.  The $500 deposit counts towards this amount. 

7 Weeks Old

 Update of your baby will be sent when they are 7 weeks old.

8-9 Weeks Old
Pickup or delivery of your baby will be between 8-9 Weeks.
Final balance is due at this time.  If paying with e-transfer for final balance, it must be sent at least 24 hours in advance, and received and processed before the puppy can go home.  If the puppy is being shipped, we will book the flight 4 days in advance.  Full payment is due at that time. 

If placing a deposit on a puppy, please be sure to check your schedule to be sure you can bring your puppy home when it is ready to go.  8-9 week old puppies require a lot of individual attention and training.  If you cannot bring your puppy home when it is ready to go, please pass to the next litter.