Once we feel the puppies are ready to move out of the whelping box, they move into our puppy nursery room. We still use the Dura Whelp pads for traction and we use litter boxes for potty. We use 100% wood pellets in our litter boxes. We use stainless steel bowls that are changed throughout the day. 

The puppies have already been hearing all of the sounds of the home and a family by the time they move to their nursery and we continue to expose them to many more sounds at this stage. We use a camera in our puppy room to be sure we can see and hear everything at night. They are never alone during the day!

Once the puppies are old enough to go outside, we have monitored outside play times throughout the day. They start to use a doggie door to get started with outdoor training.

We do ask that families remember that it is a full time 24/7 job to have a litter of puppies and a pack of dogs. We treat them as part of our family! Puppies are adorable, wonderful and impossibly sweet but this is also a very busy job.  Our life is very full of love but also A LOT of work that goes into raising your next family member!!

We ask that you read our"FAQ", "Selection process" and "Shipping and visits" tabs on our website

Please also visit our "Fun photos" tab to see more photos of our amazing dogs!

Our puppies are born inside of our home in a whelping box. We love our Dura Whelp box! The Dura Whelp pads are soft, plush and super absorbent so your puppy stays dry, clean and comfortable. Research suggests that good hip health may start in the whelping box, and the Dura Whelp pads have excellent grip and traction so that your puppy is not slipping around the whelping box as he/she moves around. Grip and traction are very important throughout the entire growth period of the puppies life. Slippery surfaces can affect joint laxity. "Joint laxity is the primary cause of hip dysplasia. Puppies are born with perfect hips, and if the hips do not develop laxity, the dog does not develop hip dysplasia (Riser 1985). Joint laxity occurs when the head of the femur does not fit snugly into the acetabulum. This could be the result of traumatic injury, overloading of the joint by weight, lack of muscle strength, or adductor forces (e.g., bringing the legs together). Joint laxity is the primary factor that predisposes a dog to the development of hip dysplasia." please read more on our "Hip health tab". 

We sleep right next to our litters of puppies once they are born, always listening to be sure that our babies stay safe. Our dogs are our pets and love to know that we are right there for them as well. We sleep next to the puppies until we feel that they are ready for the next stage (a puppy pen) This is usually between 3- 4 weeks of age.

Moms are fed top quality food and supplements to support their health and milk while nursing. We use the "Bio Sensor" program on our puppies that was developed by the military. We start on day 3 and continue until day 16 to give them the best start possible. 

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